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May 6, 2015

Branching Out

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What do you do when you’re facing a tight deadline and you need a great writer to help you get the words on the page? Call us, of course.

We recently helped a consulting company develop a 40-page market assessment for a non-profit food hub in Casper, Wyoming. We helped the same company write a 30-page business plan for a food hub in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland. Both of these quick turn-around projects required high-level organization, clear and concise content writing, and supporting research.

If you have a need for a writer for a similarly challenging writing assignment, call Eve Bradshaw and Associates. We will get the job done and make you look good to your clients, customers, and stakeholders.


September 8, 2014

EBA helps two new clients meet their goals.

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We recently put our wordsmithing skills to good use for two new clients, who now have updated narratives that they will be able to use for fund raising, marketing, and communication with constitutents.

We created a case statement for South Side Community Federal Credit Union (SSCFCU) around their innovative Wealth and Wellness Initiative which addresses the twin social concerns of poverty and poor health among residents of low-income communities. This document lays out the need statement, organization background and capacity, the plan to address the needs, and the cost of the Initiative. SSCFCU will use the narratives within the case statement to build awareness, develop marketing materials, and raise funds to support the program. 

Ultimately, the program aims to help participants increase their savings, improve their credit scores, and measurably improve their overall health and wellness. There’s no other program like this on the south side, and we’re optimistic that SSCFCU will be able to use the case statement to attract funding to grow the initiative.

EBA also recently helped the Chicago West Community Music Center (CWCMC) apply for funding from the Smart Growth grant program of Chicago Community Trust. Smart Growth is a “four-year capacity-building program that helps small arts and cultural organizations engage their board and staff in strengthening management practices that effectively support their mission, enabling them to contribute to the community, pay a living wage to artists and staff and remain resilient in the face of economic and demographic shifts.”

Our work for CWCMC helped clarify their mission statement, polish their organizational history and program narratives, and made the case for the unique work that the organization does to bring music and music education to west side communities. CWCMC is the only arts organization located in Garfield Park. The dedicated founders, who grew up in neighboring North Lawndale, are talented musicians who created the organization to address social and economic challenges through music. 

We can help your organization meet its goals and better serve its mission. Give us a call at 312-952-6352; or email us at eba1999 @ sbcglobal.net. (Take out the spaces.)

May 21, 2010

Another Happy Client

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My client Jennifer landed a gig with her dream company this week after we gave her a stand-out résumé and compelling cover letter.  Here’s what she wrote:

I wanted you to be one of the first to know that I got the temporary position at Siemens!  I really could not have done it without your help.  I had three interviews total in the end with the company, and all three interviewers referenced both my résumé and cover letter multiple times throughout the interview.  They seemed especially impressed with the cover letter.

If you need this kind of result from your résumé and cover letter, give us a call at 312-952-6352.

UPDATE, September 27, 2011: Jennifer has accepted a full-time position with the same company. And it all started with an effective résumé from Eve Bradshaw and Associates!

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