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January 7, 2014

Prepare for your next résumé before you need it.

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Prepare for your next job search and résumé update now by keeping detailed records of your accomplishments at your current job.

Keep track of measurable outcomes: how much money did you raise? How many new clients did you bring in? How much money did you save your organization by implementing new procedures? How did the processes that you created and implemented in your job improve the bottom line for your company?

Record numbers that reflect on scope of your responsibilities and your performance: the number of people you supervise, the turnover rate, project or organizational budgets, number of clients served.

Use your organization’s employee evaluation process to help you track your accomplishments–and save copies of these documents so you can refer to them later on when you’re ready to update your resume. If your company doesn’t have an evaluation process that tracks your professional goals and accomplishments, create your own.

I use a weekly task list to track my projects; at the end of the week, I update and print a new task list, and put the old one in a folder labeled with the fiscal year. At the end of the year, I cull through these lists and update my résumé with my accomplishments for the year.

And finally, during the year keep an annotated list of the accomplishments that you are most proud of. Describe what you did, and include details and data. If you worked with a team to upgrade the IT system, for example, jot down the timeline, the cost, the cost savings, and the benefits to the organization.

Data will make your résumé stronger.

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