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August 2, 2013

Game On.

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I took a little break to bring in a stable paycheck for a coupla years, but could not stand to be away from the wacky world of freelancing any longer.

So now you can start calling me for quotes again on any nagging writing projects that you need help on–not because you’re not a great writer yourself, but because you’re too busy. Or your writer just went on maternity leave. Or you’re going backpacking in the Himalayas and you want that project to get done while you’re gone. Or…whatever.

Résumés, grant proposals, web site text revisions, annual report profiles. I’ll write pretty much anything. Don’t worry about whether I know your field or not–I’m a whiz at picking up the lingo and quickly grasping the finer points of, say, financial derivatives or the transportation construction industry.

Email today for samples, references, or a project quote:


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